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Unique Technology

Seneca Ceramics has developed ceramic forming technologies that extend far beyond what is considered the leading edge of the industry, and we match those forming technologies with world-leading expertise in materials, in structuring body-porosity, and in tailoring body- and surface-chemistry to achieve specific outcomes.

The net result of our work is that Seneca Ceramics (a small company located in Upstate New York) can do things that no other ceramics company in the world can do. The advantages we offer our partners are massive, and they fall into two realms:
Advantage 1:     We make the impossible possible.
One of our current partners is a large international company based in Europe. The company was developing a cutting-edge product of their own and realized they needed a very specific component.
They had three overarching needs:
(1)   They needed the component to be produced with extraordinarily tight tolerances;
(2)   They needed specific performance characteristics in regard to structure, durability, corrosion-resistance, porosity, and surface chemistry; and
(3)   They needed the component produced in large numbers.
After our partner searched the world looking for a ceramics company that could provide what they were looking for, they were on the verge of concluding that they were asking the impossible. Then they contacted us. Within a few months of answering the first phone call, Seneca Ceramics was up and running—producing (and delivering in large quantities) a component with precisely the structure, tolerances, and performance characteristics they needed.
As we like to say: If you need a solution, or if you have an idea you are considering, you have not fully explored the realm of what is possible if you have not talked to us.
Advantage 2:    We offer ground-shifting opportunities to reduce existing component costs, while simultaneously increasing quality.
The same beyond-the-leading-edge technologies that allow Seneca Ceramics to expand what is possible also shift the ball-game when it comes to cost-efficient production of existing components.
The forming technologies we have developed are not subject to the limitations inherent in the dry-pressing, injection molding, or block-forming-and-machining production techniques that dominate the industry.
As an illustration of our ability to form near-net-shape components with tight tolerances: we have the capacity to produce a 1.5” diameter nut and bolt (using a range of different chemistries), and these nuts and bolts are ready to be threaded together and used the moment they are removed from the kiln.
What this means for our partners is that we have the ability to deliver  vastly better outcomes at vastly reduced costs. Prototyping processes are faster and less expensive to pursue, and once we get to full-scale production, the manufacturing process consumes far fewer resources.
In the end, we can create higher-quality products while using less material, less time, less energy, and less man-power. And as icing on the cake, we produce virtually nothing in the way of harmful emissions.

Pushing the Envelope

Over years of operating in the industry, we have come to learn that our greatest advances occur when we have a problem to solve.
We have technology and expertise that others in the industry can only dream of. In the end, though, innovation occurs when we put the technology to use—when someone comes to us in need of a solution.
If you are out there pushing the envelope, you are the person we want to talk to.
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