Seneca Ceramics
Technology that Makes the Impossible Possible
Near Net Shape Manufacturing of Ceramics

Seneca Ceramics has the capability to form bodies and control microstructure in ways that go far beyond what is considered even theoretically possible elsewhere in the industry.

In short, our technology changes the game when it comes to producing cost-effectice, near net shape components - no matter their complexity.

If you are in the business of machining ceramic components to tight tolerances, or if you are looking for cost-effective production of finished components with slightly looser tolerances, we guarantee that our near net shape forming capabilities will amaze you.

Our technology allows us to control the ways that ceramic particles stack upon one another in ways that are unthinkable elsewhere in the ceramics industry. This translates to the forming of complex, near net shape components with virtually no warping or other deformation in the firing process.




Machined Components

If you are machining ceramic components to tight tolerances, stop and consider the gains you can achieve by switching to near net shape bodies:

Near net shape bodies translate to drastic reductions in material waste
Compared to machining hot- or dry-pressed bodies, machining a near net shape body created by Seneca Ceramics could easily reduce material waste by 95 percent or more.
Near net shape bodies translate to drastic reductions in machining costs
Less material to remove means less time on the machine.
Imagine starting with a body with the purity, density, and chemistry of the highest quality hot- or dry-pressed ceramic blanks, but in this case, the body you are starting with can be formed in any shape you desire - even if that starting shape is only fractions of millimeters from the shape of your final component.  

Final Components

If your enterprise is one that can work with slightly looser tolerances, and you are looking for cost-effective, high-quality bodies, our near net shape forming capabilities mean we can create your component in any quantity you desire, with little or no machining required.


Superior to Other Forming Technologies

Up until now, the only way to form complex, near-net-shape components was through ceramic injection molding, but injection molding has serious drawbacks. Not least among these are:
  • High setup costs;
  • High shrinkage rates;
  • Deformation during firing; and
  • The use of binders in the forming process that tend to compromise the microstructure of the body.
Our proprietary technologies allow us to form complex bodies while facing NONE of these challenges.
Seneca Ceramics is the only company in the world that can form near net shape ceramic components with carefully tailored chemistry, porosity, and dimensional stability that rival or exceed those found in hot- or dry-pressed bodies.
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