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Technology that Makes the Impossible Possible
About Us

Seneca Ceramics is a ten-year-old company based in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Our facilities are located just north of Seneca Lake—nearly 40 miles long and the largest of the Finger Lakes.

We formed Seneca Ceramics to explore (and, ultimately, to capitalize on) a series of technological breakthroughs achieved by Chad Sheckler, who is the President and Lead Technical Engineer of the company.
In the ten years since the company’s founding, Seneca Ceramics has followed the science—passing through the doorway opened up by Chad's original breakthroughs—developing space-age technologies that extend far beyond the leading edge of what others in the industry believe is possible.
After ten years of operations and scientific exploration, we have built extraordinary technological tools, and we have built robust capabilities to make what had previously been impossible possible.
As we like to say: If you have a difficult problem, or an idea, you have not fully explored the realm of what is possible if you have not talked to us.
As a company we seek to leverage our technology through two avenues:
Avenue 1:    Provide ground-shifting solutions to a handful of broad industries.
As we outline in our discussion of applications, Seneca Ceramics possesses revolutionary solutions that have the potential to change entire industries. These solutions include technologies like ceramic hooks for Velcro-like attachment of ceramic fiber insulation, or ceramic molds for pressing and jiggering (a solution that represents a quantum leap over long-used plaster mold technology that dominates the industry around the world).
Avenue 2:    Work with partners to establish technologically-dominant positions in specific markets.
Seneca Ceramics has developed beyond-the-leading-edge technologies with sweeping implications—technologies that cannot be matched by any other player in the industry.
When a partner comes to us for a solution, we often find opportunities to leverage our technical dominance to build for them a technologically-dominant position in their given market.
This dominant position rests on two components. First, we work with our partner to develop solutions to the challenges they face—embedding our beyond-the-leading-edge technology in their product and/or production process—giving them an unambiguous technological advantage over competitors in their market. The second component is to establish and maintain an exclusive-supplier relationship between our two companies.
Having a technologically-dominant position in your market is a good place to be. Our goal is to ensure that our partners achieve such a position, and that they reap the majority of the financial benefits associated with that position. All we ask is that a small share of those benefits flow back to Seneca Ceramics.
What this means is that, in a very real sense, Seneca Ceramics is not in the business of simply delivering solutions. From our partners' perspectives, what we deliver is technological dominance.
We believe our technology creates thousands of opportunities to establish technologically-dominant positions for partner companies. The possibilities are nearly endless.
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