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Our flag holder...

is designed with these virtues in mind. Its purpose is to display the flag with respect, holding it straight and not allowing it to trail on the ground. When other flag holders droop and tilt in the soft soil ours is firmly attached directly to the monument. Our flag holder keeps the flag out of the way of lawn care equipment.

We believe that the flag is what should be on display not the flag holder; therefore our flag holder is designed to be discrete and go unnoticed.

Our flag holder is made to last. It is made of high fired porcelain and attaches directly to the monument. It will survive freezing temperatures and the blazing sun. It has been tested for several years both in the desert of Arizona and the winters of upstate New York.

Why porcelain?

Porcelain is durable, and is a similar material to the granite stone. That is important because it means that the flag holder will expand and contract at the same rate as the stone when the temperature changes. You might not realize it, but all materials change size as temperatures change. Some materials like stone don't change size very much, while others like metal and plastic change size a lot. If you attach plastic or metal to stone a lot of stress will build up in the attachment when the temperature gets very cold or very hot. This stress will cause the attachment to either brake, or fall off the stone. Also, plastic when exposed to sun will fade and degrade over time, while metal will corrode and stain the stone. The porcelian flag holder will not be effected by temperature or the sun, and will not cause any staining of the stone.

How is it attached?

The flag holder is attached to the stone with a very strong epoxy tape. This tape is guaranteed to keep the flag holder in place for ten years. Easy to follow instructions are included with the flag holder. If you decide to remove the flag holder at a later time it is possible to take it off using a razor blade, leaving no trace of the flag holder on the stone. Please note that the flag holder is not designed to attach to older monuments made of marble or limestone or other materials with a gritty surface.

How do I get a flag holder?

If you have a retail store or monument business you can purchase the flag holder from us as a wholesale customer. If you would like to buy the flag holder for your own use please contact our retail partner for the flag holders,

Ceramic Stone.
Black Flag Holder
Black Flag Holder
White Flag Holder
White Flag Holder